Full lips are a sign of beauty and youth. Over time gravity can leave you lips looking thin, flat, and asymmetrical.  Lip lifting surgery is a fairly minor but extremely rewarding procedure resulting in a fuller, more sensual pout.

Lip lifting

Common Concerns in patients seeking a Lip Lift

  • An elongated upper lip (distance between your lip and nose)
  • A thin upper lip
  • Minimal tooth show when smiling
  • Tried dermal fillers but want a more permanent result

Am I a Candidate for Lip Lifting surgery?

During your consultation Dr Choroomi will review your medical history, your aesthetic expectations and will conduct an analysis of your lips. He will take very precise measurements between your nostrils and your upper lip to determine if lip-lifting surgery is right for you. Photography and computer imaging may be used to help determine a realistic augmentation to improve both lip dimension and aesthetics.

Each patient is unique; therefor, specific questions regarding surgical procedure, recovery risks and results will be discussed in detail at your consultation to ensure you are fully informed and comfortable with your surgical plan.

How is Lip Lifting Surgery performed?

Lip Lift surgery is a rather simple procedure that requires meticulous technique and a great attention to detail. Dr Choroomi’s aesthetic eye comes into play to create balance between the upper and lower lip.

This operation may be performed under general or local anaesthetic.

  • A small incision is placed parallel to the base of the nose under the nostrils.
  • Approximately 6-8mm of skin and soft tissue is trimmed away.
  • Semi-permanent sutures are meticulously placed to lift the lip tissue.

Recovery after Lip Lifting surgery

There is minimal pain associated with a lip lifting surgery, however patients may experience a degree of swelling and numbness in their upper lip.

Stiches are removed 5-7 days after surgery; make-up may then be applied to hide any scarring. Scarring will takes several months to fade.

You may return to regular activity a few days to a week after your lip lifting procedure.

Non-invasive options to Lip Lifting surgery

As an alternative to lip lifting surgery, appropriately placed facial fillers can restore volume to the upper and lower lip, as well as create “pout” for each. Often by adding volume to the lips the skin between your lips and nose will appear proportionately smaller, removing the need for a lip lifting procedure. In older patients, the amount of facial filler needed to achieve a desired look can result in an overfilled, duck-like appearance. Therefor, a combination of lip lifting surgery and facial fillers may be needed to achieve your desired results.

Lip Lifting Surgery is often performed in combination with:

  • Rhinoplasty is often performed in combination to restore a more youthful appearance by altering the shape or size of your nose.
  • Face Lift surgery. A deep-plane face lift can be combined to restore shape, balance and definition to a face affected by age and gravity.
  • Eyelid surgery is performed to address aged eyelids characterized by excess drooping skin, wrinkles and puffy under eye bags. It may involve the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.
  • Brow Lift surgery can be combined  to correct a heavy forehead and brow line.
  • Neck Lift surgery can restore shape, balance and definition to a neck that has been affected by age and gravity.
  • Cheek and Chin Augmentation maybe performed in combination to enhance and restore balance to your face.