Injectable brow lift is a non-invasive alternative for patients to alter the appearance of tired or heavy eyebrows. This treatment can raise the skin tissues surrounding the eyes and the eyebrows, leaving the eyes looking wider and more rested. Dr Choroomi uses a combination of facial rejuvenating injections to give your brow a natural lift.

Injectable brow lift

Benefits of an Injectable Brow Lift:

  • Gently lift the brow
  • Reduce wrinkles and creases in the eyelid
  • Restore an arch to the eyebrow
  • Create symmetry between your eyebrows

Am I a candidate for an Injectable Brow Lift?

Do you have to manually lift up your brow to apply makeup or severely wrinkle your forehead to elevate your brows? If so, you may enjoy the elevated look of an injectable brow lift. This facial rejuvenating procedure is popular amongst both men and women who want a refreshed appearance without surgery. During your consultation, Dr Choroomi will evaluate your facial frame and together you will discuss if your aesthetic goals can be achieved with an injectable brow lift.

Injectable Brow Lift Treatment

Dr Choroomi uses a combination of advanced techniques and injectable products to create a natural lift to your brow. In the forehead we have muscles that elevate the brow and muscles that depress the brow. This treatment works by strategically injecting muscle-relaxing products into muscles that pull the brow down. As these muscles start to weaken and relax, a lift in appearance is achieved. Facial fillers may also be injected beneath the brow to elevate sagging skin and restore your brow to its natural position.

There is minimal to no discomfort during this procedure as Dr. Choroomi uses ultra fine needles and numbing cream to alleviate any discomfort. Patients may typically return to their daily activities immediately following treatment.

Results from Injectable Brow Lift

While the results of anti-wrinkle products are dramatic they will not change or alter your facial appearance. Although the product itself will begin to reduce muscle activity immediately, it may take 7-10 days to reach full correction. The results of this procedure are temporary and frequent maintenance will need to be maintained.

Surgical Option for Brow Lifting

Surgical Brow Lifting is a permanent procedure aimed to elevate the brow to a natural position. This procedure can also correct wrinkles on the forehead, reduce the appearance of heavy eyelids and can create a more pleasing shape and arch to the brows themselves.