Hollows under the eyes are caused by the loss of fat due to hereditary factors, ageing and loosing weight.  This volume lost under the eye can cast a dark shadow that communicates a tired, older appearance.  Dr Choroomi specialises in both surgical and non-surgical treatments to rejuvenate and smooth under eye hollows. In most cases, even the most subtle change can reveal a rested, more youthful appearance.





Eye hollows

Consultation for Eye Hollows with Dr Choroomi

The eyes may be the facial feature that best identifies us. For the reason, maintaining their natural shape and ‘personality’ is of utmost importance. Dr Choroomi appreciates your unique facial anatomy, therefor, treatment must be individually customised for each patient. During your initial consultation for eye hollow correction, Dr Choroomi will:

  • Examine the skin around your orbital area.
  • Listen to your concerns, expectations and desired outcomes.
  • Explain both surgical and non-surgical options, including procedures and recovery.
  • Review the treatment options that are best for you.

Dr Choroomi performs both surgical and non-surgical treatments to improve the look of under eye hollows.

This concern can be treated with: