What are your lips saying about you? Even when silent our lips are communicating to the outside world, therefor, it is only natural to desire a full, eye-catching pout. Both men and women alike are seeking non-surgical lip enhancing treatments to improve the beauty and attractiveness of their lips.

Lip augmentation

Lip Enhancement can:

  • Create fuller lips
  • Fix asymmetry of the lips
  • Create a balance between the upper and lower lip
  • Minimize wrinkles and laugh lines around the lips

When to Consider Lip Enhancement

As we age the muscles in our face start behaving in ways we wish to avoid.   Our lips begin to turn under giving even the most vibrant and energetic person a “mean” appearance. Whether it’s to combat the visible signs of aging or the desire to have fuller lips, Dr. Choroomi will personalize your treatment according to your unique facial anatomy. If you are unhappy with the size or shape of your lips, scheduling a consultation with Dr Choroomi is the first step to a more beautiful pout.

Advantages of Lip Enhancing Injections:

  • Instant results
  • Non-Surgical alternative
  • Minimal downtime
  • Results may last as long as 9 months
  • Results can be touched up as needed

Lip Enhancing Treatment

Dr Choroomi’s minimally invasive techniques for lip enhancement can quickly give your lips a lush, sensual and youthful look whilst maintaining their natural contours.

Before treatment, Dr Choroomi will numb the injection areas to relieve any minor discomfort. A combination of ultra fine needles and novel-injecting techniques make this treatment virtually painless. Dr Choroomi will massage the injected areas to make certain no bumps are present in the lips.

Following treatment patients may generally return to their daily activities. Your lips may be swollen and pink but this generally subsides in a few hours, ice may be used to alleviate these symptoms.

Results from Lip Enhancements

Results from facial fillers can typically be seen immediately but the full rejuvenating effect may not be appreciated until swelling has completely subsided, typically between 1-2 weeks. On average, the effects of facial fillers may last between six to nine months. Over time, the filler breaks down naturally in your skin without leaving any harmful residue behind. Follow-up treatments will need to be maintained to preserve your facial rejuvenation results.

Permanent Option for Lip Enhancement

Lip Lift: When facial fillers no longer deliver a rejuvenating appearance, a surgical lip lift is a permanent alternative for patients. As we age our upper lip often elongates and thins out. A lip lift procedure is performed to shorten the distance between the upper lip and bottom of the nose. By removing excess skin, the lip will naturally roll upward creating a fuller, youthful appearance to the upper lip.