Originally designed for body contouring, liposuction is also proven effective in removing fat cells from the jawline, chin and neck. Removing bulging, fatty deposits from the face and neck can result in a more defined and youthful contour. Alone or in combination with other facial rejuvenating procedures, such as face or neck lift, liposuction provides a versatile tool for achieving your desired facial profile.

Liposuction / contouring

Am I a Candidate for Facial Liposuction?

Men and women who have localized facial fatty deposits are good candidates for facial liposuction. For older patients looking to tone their jaw and neckline, liposuction is a less invasive alternative to a face or neck lift. Younger patients who have excessive fat in their lower face and neck will benefit from liposuction to obtain a thinner more sculpted contour. If excess fatty tissue in your neck or face is a concern to you, facial liposuction may be your answer. A consultation with Dr Choroomi will help you determine the best treatment to achieve your desired facial rejuvenation outcomes.

Consultation for Facial Liposuction

Your facial anatomy is unique and distinctive, therefor all surgical treatments must be individually customized to match your aesthetic needs and desires. During your initial consultation, Dr Choroomi will

  • Examine your facial frame and skin texture
  • Listen to your concerns and cosmetic objectives
  • Discuss why you desire facial liposuction, including expectations ad desired outcomes.
  • Explain the surgical procedure and recovery.
  • Review your treatment options and answer and any questions.

Photography and digital imaging may be performed to give you an idea of what your jawline and neck may look like after facial liposuction.

Facial Liposuction with Dr Choroomi

Under general anesthesia, Dr Choroomi makes inconspicuous incisions on the face or neck. A cannula (small tube), connected to a pump, is inserted into the incision to precisely extract undesirable fatty deposits. After all the fat is removed, Dr Choroomi meticulously closes the incisions with 1-2 small stiches.

Recovery from Facial Liposuction

After surgery, Dr Choroomi will place an elastic dressing over the treated area. This dressing is to be worn consecutively for a two days and at night or two weeks. You can expect:

  • A degree of bruising
  • Swelling
  • Minor numbness around the treated area

Patients may return to normal activity 7 days after surgery.

Is Facial Liposuction Permanent?

Yes, facial liposuction is a permanent surgical procedure. This procedure permanently removes fat calls to improve your facial contour. If you were to gain weight, it will evenly distribute throughout your whole face.

Facial Contouring is often performed in combination with:

  • Rhinoplasty is often performed in combination to restore a more youthful appearance by altering the shape or size of your nose.
  • Face Lift surgery. A deep-plane face lift can be combined to restore shape, balance and definition to a face affected by age and gravity.
  • Eyelid surgery is performed to address aged eyelids characterized by excess drooping skin, wrinkles and puffy under eye bags. It may involve the upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both.
  • Brow Lift surgery can be combined  to correct a heavy forehead and brow line.
  • Neck Lift surgery can restore shape, balance and definition to a neck that has been affected by age and gravity.
  • Cheek and Chin Augmentation maybe performed in combination to enhance and restore balance to your face.