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What Causes Snoring? Blocked Nose Overeating or Lack of Exercise Alcohol and Sleeping Pills Mouth Breathing Smoking Small or Collapsing Nostril Allergies Enlarged Tonsils When you progress into a deep sleep your entire body relaxes, including the muscles on the roof of your mouth, tongue and throat. The tissues in you throat can relax so […]



Reasons for Tonsil Removal Recurrent Infections Infection occurs when bacteria accumulates in tiny crevices of the tonsil. Typically tonsil removal is considered once you’ve had at least five recurrent infections per year. However, tonsil removal is not only measured by how often you get an infection but also by the severity of the infection. If you have […]


Blocked nose / sinus

Why is my nose blocked? Firstly our sinuses are hollow, air filled cavities that sit behind the forehead and cheeks. We all have four pairs of sinuses. Each sinus is lined with soft tissue and covered with hair-like cilia. The lining and cilia help filter out environmental irritants such as dust, pollen, and germs from the air.  The inside […]


Head and neck cancer

Head and neck cancers are most commonly caused by alcohol consumption and tobacco use (including the use of smokeless or chewing tobacco). Other factors, such as sun exposure, may lead to other forms of skin cancer on the head or neck. Patients who are at an increased risk for developing head and neck cancer should be […]